A team of nearly twenty professionals who support entrepreneurs for their sustainable growth.
Studio Coccia & Associati counts highly qualified chartered accountants and certified auditors who work with innovative approach and with a highly “client oriented” method by studying customised solutions to specific needs. A highly specialized and integrated assistance in order to guide companies to all kinds of opportunities in a market environment which is always evolving.


Roberto Coccia

Roberto Coccia (1976), graduates in Economics in 2000 (Università “Federico II” di Napoli), in 2004 he becomes chartered accountant and certified auditor, in 2007 lead auditor qualified for quality management systems (ISO 9001), he covers offices of Statutory Auditor, member of the Board of Directors, Sole Auditor and Member of Supervisory Board pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01. In 2015 he graduates in Foreign Languages; he gives lectures in technical topics in Master Degree Institutions and holds corporate training courses, in Italy and abroad, in Italian, English and Spanish

Francesca Coccia

Francesca Coccia (1979), graduates in 2003 in Economics and International Exchange Markets (Università “Parthenope” di Napoli), Chartered accountant and certified auditor since 2007, particular expertise in bank “standstill” and debt restructuring with bank institutions. She is member of the Board of Statutory Auditors in companies operating in the dry bulk transportation.

Maurizio Coccia

Maurizio Coccia (1981), graduates in 2006 in Economics and International Exchange Markets (Università “Parthenope” di Napoli), Chartered accountant and certified auditor since 2010 with specific expertise in corporate restructuring and financial instruments. Expert in audit techniques pursuant to the international audit standards (ISA Italia) and financial analyst.

Maurizio Sbailò

Maurizio Sbailò (1964), graduates in Economics in 1989 (Università “Federico II” di Napoli), Chartered accountant and Certified auditor since the year 1990, specialized in government grants, extraordinary transactions (including company appraisals and due diligence works) and corporate growth/development.

Davide Guarino

Davide Guarino, (1981), graduates in Economics in 2005 (Università “Federico II” di Napoli), Chartered accountant and Certified auditor since 2010, vast experience in Income taxes, VAT (National and International) and application for corporate public subsidies.

Founding partner

Nicola Coccia

Nicola Coccia is a Chartered accountant and certified auditor and expert in National and International tax matters.
He is specialized in corporate restructurings, extraordinary transactions, corporate finance and maritime companies’ management.
In 1974 he starts up Studio Coccia & Associati, a professional firm of chartered accountants and certified auditors.


Rosario Bisogni

Lawyer and Certified Auditor. Long previous experience in the Italian Tax Authorities as Head of the Inspecting teams.

Fabrizio Mellucci

Chartered accountant and Certified auditor. Previous experience in audit company, enrolled at the Consob register. He covers roles of member of Board of Statutory auditors and Supervisory Board pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.

Massimo Di Clemente

In charge of administrative, accounting and tax assistance services provided by the firm, with almost 35 years of experience in the business. Enrolled in the Italian Tax experts register.

Fausto De Crescenzo

In charge of filing shipping documentations for the firm (purchase and sale of vessels abroad, filing of documentations at the Ministry of Transportation, Port authority, Consulate authority, etc.) with almost 40 years of experience.

Marco Vairo



Daniele Marchiello

Expert in corporate taxations of the shipping sector (in particular, international VAT) and activities at the Italian Tax Authority, with almost 25 years of experience.

Rino Chiocca

Expert in tax filing/declarations and on-line transmissions of the relative files/documents to the competent authorities, with almost 25 years of experience.

Roberto Giordano

Filing documents at the Italian Tax Authority and General affairs

Isabelle Daguerre

Technical translations (financial statements, companies’ articles-by-law, minutes of corporate board meetings, etc.) from Italian to English and vice versa, expert in anti money-laundering and privacy regulations.



Our professionals cover roles of Past President, Director, Member of the Committee and Auditor for Confitarma, the Italian confederation of ship-owners. Since 1901 Confitarma constitutes the main Association of the entrepreneurs of the Italian shipping industry. It brings together navigation companies and shipping groups which operate in cargo shipping and passenger transportation, cruise ships and auxiliary services to the maritime cluster. Confitarma – which is part in Confindustria and Federtrasporto – has, as a main object, to promote the development of the Italian shipping business by assisting and protecting the interests of all associated companies.


Our professionals are members of the International Propellers Club of Naples and members of its Board of Directors. The Propeller Club was founded in 1923 in New York and is a cultural association which promotes education, technical development and the diffusion of the shipping culture among all entities belonging to economic and professional categories tied to the maritime activity and to national and international transportation. The Propeller Club of Naples was founded in 1974 and counts almost 200 members. There are 21 Propeller clubs spread over Italy and the number of associates is over 1000.


Our professionals are teachers for master degree courses organized by IPE and are members of its the scientific committee. IPE (“Istituto per ricerche ed attività educative” – High education school) was founded in Naples in 1979 and is one of the University college schools legally recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. IPE contributes in helping young students’ access to education, culture and work experiences. It currently organizes Master degrees in the following subjects: financial statements, financing, internationalization of companies, shipping and logistics, human resources and marketing.